gangstagangsta (gangstagangsta) wrote,

on mccain

i just watched bush and mccain on airforce1 giving an impromptu press conference. while mccain was talking bush winked and wiggled his eyebrows over mccain's shoulder.

mr. mccain, i hope you realize just how much respect and credibility your support for bush has cost you. your bipartisan respect comes from your strength, your military experience, and your ability to maintain your principals, regardless of party affiliations. but by standing beside a man who personally proved to you in 2000 that he has none of these, you have spent this valuable capital, no matter what political gain has been promised to you. the man next to you right now has disrespected vietnam vet's records, after avoiding going to vietnam. he doesn't even deny it. standing next to you is a man who uses stand-up comedy before contractually-obligated audiences to replace honest campaign speeches.

standing next to you is a man who was lobbed softball questions by his golf-buddy bob schiefer, about "do you love your wife," and "how much do you love god," while the two importantly intertwined issues of energy and environment gather more dust. mccain-lieberman global warming bill? i'm sure you've heard of it. i'm sure the man standing next to you wiggling his eyebrows was quite opposed to it.

the man you stand against, your friend mr flopper? he came home from a war and spoke what he felt was the truth about that war. whether the young flopper was right or wrong, the man next to you could probably learn from that action, rather than just ridicule it.

it's logical to think you are looking at the presidency in 08. i'm looking for someone with honesty and principal, and you are teetering on a very high pedestal. i hope that awkward kiss on the forehead was worth it. you may or may not undertand that you have traded the admiration of independents like myself, for the admiration of mr bush. unfortunately, he proved to me today that he has little or no respect for you, regardless of your political sacrifice. please return to nonpartisan politics where you are possibly the most respected man in the world, this public politicking can and will diminish that respect.

Respectfully yours,
Derek Ring
super wicked extremely independent voter
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