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cnn is a trip, they've been jabbering about bush's new 'scary' wolf ad. i'm kind of a cynical asshole. i thought that would explain how weak and flimsy the ad seemed to me, but they just showed it on crossfire and the audience was laughing. they keep saying it's going to 'scare' us, but it looks like we're laughing, even the automatons in the crossfire audience.

watch a bit of cnn, watch the ads. bp, progressive energy company, yeah ok. aclu patriot act, hm ok. then the usual kerry ads, bush ads, ok. then...hummer? kerr-mcgee and conoco phillips, oil drilling? jeez. and then my favorite: americans for balanced energy choices, an ad put up by a group of coal companies that shows a computer animated eagle soaring thru the polluted skies of america, 1970. then it shows the same cartoon eagle flying thru beauteous, mountainous blue skies of america today, thanks to clean coal technology america's skies are cleaner bla bla. if you see this ad, look at the bottom of the screen for a small disclaimer: "with new EPA regulations." yes, that means that the skies are cleaner ...according to the EPA's new, recently-lowered standards. they forgot to show the animated salmon marinating in mercury sauce.

don't tell me cnn is liberal media. i watch it. i watch the shit out of it.

and i was thinking about those horrid liberals. i mean who could support big, gay government? imagine, armies of IRS agents in leather bondage outfits, mailing us rainbow stickers instead of our god-given tax cuts? makes me shudder.
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