gangstagangsta (gangstagangsta) wrote,

what to get me

my birthday and christmas will be coming up soon and inevitably my parents will ask me what i want. i will tell them nothing, not because if i ask for something that they will surely buy me the next cheapest-sorta-similar item, but because it is something they refuse to give me.

and that's almost fair, see i won't give them what they want either. i won't have kids. i think, excuse me, i believe that having kids is the most selfish thing someone could do nowadays. the world you're bringing those kids into is shit. i don't need to get into details. your eyes would glaze over. but every day i look at the world in broad and narrow focus and see how it "could" become a better, safer, more efficient, more tolerant place. but greed and complacency and pride cause people to resist making the right choices. my parents vote republican, refuse to recycle, drive gas guzzlers and strongly maintain that they have every right to do all that and more. they make the wrong choices as far as i'm concerned. i challenge them on this, directly. i say, if you wanna do something for me, spend the five extra bucks a month and get all that shit you throw out recycled. to which my mom laughs and says 'well, we're just bad people.' how can i hope for that better world when my own parents don't give a shit about it? yeah, mom, i'm gonna have 5 fuckin kids so when they're 20 they can fight over water under a hazy orange sky. yeah, fuckin right.

i'm just gonna ask for a wheelbarrow of canned food and a shotgun.

hm, ventura just endorsed kerry. schwarzenegger is pushing for bush. all eyes are on carl weathers.
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