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cia names names ...but when? it's up to us

this may or may not have come to people's attention:,1,4661444.column

long story short, congress requested a report on the 9/11 attacks from the CIA. that report was completed since june. unlike previous reports, this one names names and is supposebly very embarrassing to the good folks who are running for reelection. so those folks have requested that congress not receive the report until after the election. i've emailed my NY congresspersons the following, and i suggest you do the same:

I've been reading about a CIA 9/11 report being delayed in it's submittal to congress until after the election as reported by the LA Times and others:,1,4661444.column
I'm sure you're aware of this situation. The article concludes "Unless the public demands an accounting, the administration and CIA's leadership will have won and the nation will have lost."
I am the public and I am right now demanding an accounting.
Thank you,
my name here

email your senators:
in massachusetts:

the house of representatives makes it a bit more difficult:
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