gangstagangsta (gangstagangsta) wrote,

on the flu shot

i have never taken a flu shot. i never intend to.

that said, the news today shows long lines of old people in winter jackets and wheelchairs all over the country. now, anyone who knows anything about the flu-shot knows that it is not perfect. they know that scientists look at the influenza evidence early in every year and make an educated guess as to what strain of the virus is most likely to be widespread. some years they are right on, others not so much. so, since we have half as much of it, we have told all of our most susceptible people to congregate, in cold weather, for a flu shot they may or may not get, which may or may not prevent the flu that they are almost guaranteed to give one another. plus, under these conditions, is the virus they get more or less likely to be the one the CDC folks predicted?

my advice? keep your strength up by eating some real food, stuff that grows in the sun, no more assembly-line food, and no more of those dusty wal-mart boxes. and maybe MAYBE consider washing your fuckin' hands.

all the old-ass republicans should cross-check my advice against your small-government, self-responsibility values before you complain that someone let you down. i'm definitely angrier than i should be. being hammered with non-news has that effect on me.

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