gangstagangsta (gangstagangsta) wrote,

open letter

dear scifi channel higher-ups,
i don't want to get anyone in trouble, but someone at your network produced a movie called Frankenfish.
would you believe me if i told you i watched your scifi channel presentation of Frankenfish? i'm not sure i believe it myself.
some might say that they may feel stupider for having watched Frankenfish, i believe watching it made me feel like the smartest person involved in the affair. unfortunately, i DID feel stupider for having CHOSEN to watch Frankenfish.

and while he may agree that the chicks were hot, jim henson would be furious to find that you used puppets to make people stupider and not smarter. is that any way for your Farscape co-creator to feel? hm? and, no. Frankenhenson is not a good idea for a film, so don't even think of it.

Derek Ring
Seneca Falls NY

ps: i was thinking, if you make Frankenfish 2, it would be cool if i was the Frankenfish.
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