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Hey, I don't know if anyone reads or checks me journal, I've updated it 2wice in 3 years. Nice job, huh? Sorry I'm more visual than typetory.
I've been having a hard time maintaining an artistic identity of my own, since so much of what I do goes directly for others' purposes. I've needed a LiveJournal for pictures. THUSLY I've found a CafePress style website that lets me upload as much art as I can come up with, and they offer it publicly on shirts, posters etc. Mostly shirts, but I really like that format. I've gotten some shirts and the quality is dynamite. I'm not begging folks to go and buy my shirts, but if you're interested in my "LiveSketchbook", you can bookmark it and every day you'll have new reasons to publicly discuss my well-being.

Oops. How's about I post a link...
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