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stoopid survey 04

Album I bought this year that I thought I loved but only listened to once: Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell, Flaming Lips...meh.

Oldest movie I saw this year: Original Manchurian Candidate with Sinatra...dynamite. the new one opened yesterday...we'll see.

Oldest album I revived from the collection and listened to altogether way too much: octagonecologyst

Painting or photograph I really dug: green portrait done by a high school student on display at the bijou

Biggest purchase: G4 laptop

Happiest purchase: same

I couldn't help myself, but I took this foolish risk: moving into the Real World: Seneca Falls

Fall in love? every day STILL, and not for any of the reasons my dopey girlfriend thinks i do

How about fall in love with your local postal worker, waitress, supermarket
cashier, or the like? not here, in upstizzy NY. plus, i think the post office guy hates me. most of the people working places are pretty ornery.

Item which has endeared itself to me most this year: my bike

Hardest drug (prescription or other, you degenerate): zuzu coffee.

Disapprove of a friend or family member? "conservatives" who vacation in P-town?

Coldest water I was in: hiked into taughanock falls in january (

Hottest water I was in: i feel like there may be a knock at the door at any time

Weirdest thing I ate: onion parsley peanut butter

Weirdest thing I refused to eat: while considering this question, i realized that i never refuse to eat weird things, but i do refuse to eat really really "normal" things, ie. steak, mcdonald's, chef boyardee etc.

Right now my TV is on channel: msnbc, why, i have no idea.

This year I created or invented (including recipes or methods): spicy chicken pizza

Hardest loss: My grandmother, Yolanda Lemay

Biggest surprise: not a lot of surprises this year

Someone I already knew that impressed me way beyond what I expected: i like gabe being serious about moving to canada, nicole's knowledge and skill grow every day it seems

Best gift and who it came from: probably the chili pkg from my dad

Biggest waste of money: where to start. how about 3357 state rte 89, maybe the abbrain shirts, maybe the work done on my currently dead saab, etc etc etc etc

Oldest article of clothing I still wear: beef pit shirt, i was just informed that my sgwp shirt needs to be retired

Oldest article of clothing I still save and why: kishkir shirt still at the bottom of the drawer

Number of times I was arrested: Zero, sarry.

You sissy.

Furthest traveled: Buffalo, Hyannis

Fastest book read: Boys from Brazil, Ira Levin

Gift I bought for someone else that I actually wanted for myself:

Largest or most expensive item I threw away: liquidated over 1/2 my toy collection for about $50

Craziest thing I saw online (and the URL would be nice):

Thing I saw on tv that made me the maddest: outfoxed

Last thing you do before bed: bebop, i am an old old man...watching cartoons

Yeaah, right.

This year the food or drink I consumed most was: old cOoffEEeEee

What's on my computer right now behind this survey: IM with gabe, upload for frightcatalog images, mp3 of elton john's I'm Still Standing

This year's guilty pleasure: toss up between milkshakes and carry on wayward son

At the end of this year my best friend will be: fully recovered, hopefully working, hopefully living someplace new and interesting.

Then send this to at least one person you really shouldn't.
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